How Does It Work

We scale and project your architectural plans accurately, giving you a walk through your property
with futuristic design and implementation that we have envisioned together for your space.

Project Information - We recommend to book 2 slots for properties more than 6,000 Sq Ft for a better experience.

The Walkthrough Experience

Walk through your projected property with a 1:1 real-life experience; to easily
identify mistakes and make the necessary changes that will save you time, effort, and money.


Online Appointment

Book your appointment online through
our website after registering. Choose your
project type and the desired time for your visit.


Live Design

During your visit, your plan will be
projected to a 1:1 true scale. Do a complete
walk-through and understand what your future
project will look like after the completion.


Make Changes on the go

Our capability includes your design team
dialling in and the ability to change plans whilst you
are in the showroom.

Experience our live-touch
technology and visualize what
your future project will look
like after construction.

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Vizualife introduces a unique
architectural experience
to the Middle East that
enables people to bring
their plans to life.

We invite you to walk through your future property before
it is built with our unique technology that will display the
architectural plans of your forthcoming project, whether
it’s a new house, a commercial space, or renovation to
an accurate 1:1 scale

More About Us

Do you believe you need to renovate your current space to
meet your new requirements? Vizualife will assist you
with all the needs to experience these changes
on the spot.

Designing on the go

Visit our facility with your designer or architect or even
take advice from our experts and benefit from our
technology platform to design new spaces and apply
your new concept live.


Variations occurring during and after construction have become
a massive concern for several landlords. Variation causes delay
and expenditure, which you can avoid by being well prepared.
Visit us to experience your project being scaled 1:1 and avoid
making any mistakes while in the construction phase.

New Build

The prospect of a large investment for your first build
can be overwhelming. We support your walkthrough
session with a qualified reviewer who will assist you in
reviewing and understanding your plans.

What People Say

"Undoubtedly, this service is a game-changer. It's not until you've experienced it that you truly understand its significance. The host is exceptional, incredibly knowledgeable, and the thoughtful details, like the furniture options and bed designs, elevate the experience"

Mohammed Shaban Client | Jumeriah Beach Residence
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