VIZUALIFE provides a
collaborative space where you
can walk through your floor
plan at a life-size scale,
alongside others involved in
your building process.

Vizualife invites you and your family to walk through your future house before construction with its innovative technology and tailored programs that will display the architectural plans of your future home, including upper and lower floors, entertaining areas, swimming pools, driveways, and parking spaces to an accurate 1:1 scale.

We maximize our customer’s experience by including the use of real furniture and household items for them to move around and place them in different rooms, as well as partition walls and decorations to give them the best chance possible to adjust to changes

Walking through your home before construction saves you tons of time, effort, and money later since you may find yourself in need of more space or your area is not being used to its full potential. You may also realize that you are overbuilding and might reduce the size of your home.

Our Facility


Real-Time Built

Bring your designer or architect to plan out your new concept by using our technology platform to design layouts or plan new spaces.


Collaborative space for different projects

Whether you are building your new house, a commercial space, or renovating, our technology will display your project on a real-life scale.


Augmented Reality

Coming soon” AR will program your plans and provide you with a full 3D view of your plans.



Enabling people to have access to lifetime benefits from a single investment.



For Vizualife to be globally recognized for providing access to collaborative spaces and enabling people to walk through their future home/project and envision it before being built.

Our Story

We wanted to change the Middle East's architectural game and develop a user-friendly experience that will allow people to save money, time, and effort when it comes to building and planning their future projects.

Vizualife is here to enable people to bring their projected
plans into reality through a real-life walkthrough experience
that displays their projects before investing any
money into building them.

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