Monday – Sunday from 9:00AM till 10:00 PM

Warehouse No 1, Dutile Property, Al Quoz Industrial 3, Dubai,UAE.

Yes, we have a wide range of furniture from different bed sizes, sofas, movable walls, and more for you to use during your session to visualize how your furniture would fit.

It is ideal to schedule your session once you have your final drafted plans or before the building process has commenced, ensuring you have enough time to understand your property's size and make the necessary last changes if necessary.

Feel free to bring your friends and loved ones to enjoy the Vizualife experience with you. Also, feel free to bring your Architect, Interior Designer, or even your Contractor.

We have fixed Price of 4,999/- + 5% VAT for each session which is 45 - Minutes.

The duration (or session) of your visit will be 45 minutes or more, depending on your requirements.

Whether you are building a new home, a commercial space, or renovating, we advise you before your visit to think about the areas and rooms that you would require more clarity on to maximize your visit experience and gain more confidence in your plan.

We can project 5,000 sqft at a time.

We can project each floor for you to have better clarity of your property.

Imagine the amount of time, money, and effort you will be wasting if, after construction, your project did not turn it to be how you imagined it. Vizualife offers you the ability to walk through your future project with a 1:1 accurate scale before building it to make all the necessary changes to save you further costs.

We offer refunds depending on the time frame of the cancellation. To have better clarity on this matter, please read our cancellation terms and conditions.

Each session cost 4,999/- + 5% VAT. The payment will be full in advance for each session.

You can book your visit through our website by choosing your project type and the desired timing. Once you submit your payment, we will receive your inquiry, and an invoice will be issued and sent to your email with your visit details.

Your plans will be reviewed for projection 24-48 hours before your booking and will be set on display 15-20 minutes before your booking time.

We have a sophisticated state-of-the-art system & software which enables us to take your property’s AutoCAD drawings or PDF drawings, run them through our system, and with the help of our mapping software, it allows us to project it at a 1:1 life size scale for you.

Auto Cad files are the most preferred option, but we can use PDF format as long as they are not scanned.

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